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Lucky 13 Lottery

Lucky 13 Lottery Draw 110 is now open!

Draw closes December 14, 2023

Some say 13 is an unlucky number but with the Muscular Dystrophy Queensland Lucky 13 Lottery it might just become your lucky number!

First prize is an incredible $13,000, with two runner up prizes also up for grabs. By purchasing tickets in our Lucky 13 Lottery, you are supporting little legends like Lilly.

Major Prize $13,000

2 x Runner Up Prizes - $500 Gift Cards

Official draw will be conducted Thursday 21st December 2023 (Read our disclosure statement for more info).

Your ticket will restore independence this Christmas

Because of your generosity through your ticket purchase, we can build upon our resources to help our community, especially during this Christmas period.

I have seen first-hand the challenges our vulnerable community face and we often receive desperate calls for help when people fall through the cracks and aren’t able to receive the supports they need, especially when they are most urgent.

As conditions progress and without access to immediate supports people live a limited existence and lose their independence. Without suitable mobility aids and being unable to walk unaided, children rely on their parents as their only form of transport.

Carrying and piggy backing becomes the norm.

Only 5,200 Tickets Sold!

These difficulties impact on children’s ability to attend school and even important medical appointments.

When these needs arise our team springs into action, working hard to connect local services and use resources in our equipment library. 

The provision of a powerchair really is like granting a Christmas wish.

A powerchair can help people regain some kind of normality and independence.


As well as purchasing equipment, we rely on supporters to meet the ongoing costs of the loan program, such as regular maintenance, minor modifications necessary to suit each new user and also delivery throughout the state.

This Christmas, I want to thank you for your kindness and support as we rally around our community and grant Christmas wishes.

Penelope Hodge
General Manager - Community Services

Penelope Hodge Photo

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