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Lucky 13 Lottery Draw 112 is now open!

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Lucky 13 Lottery Draw 112 is now open!

Major Prize $13,000

2 x Runner Up Prizes - $500 Gift Cards

Official draw will be conducted Thursday 20th June 2024 (Read our disclosure statement for more info).

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Because of your generosity through your ticket purchase, we can expand our programs to support families. Families who are dealing with the challenges a muscular dystrophy diagnosis brings.

A diagnosis with muscular dystrophy can feel like a tidal wave.  In its wake, parents grieve the loss of what once seemed so possible.

"Why us" plays on repeat in their minds.

Only 5,200 Tickets Sold!

By purchasing tickets in this lottery, you are providing professional help for parents in need. The most popular ticket bundle is 3 tickets for $39, with a 4th ticket free!

Our new program can help families build the skills and resilience they need to anchor against, as the waves of change that a life with a progressive muscular wasting disease will inevitably bring, rise and fall over the course of their lives. 

The trepidation families feel at diagnosis is entirely valid. The conditions are rare and there is no cure. The range and severity of symptoms can only be estimated - no two people experience the condition in the same way.

Families must find their own way through diagnosis, but a trained social worker can help them to work through their worries.

Being solely focused on the parent's emotional wellbeing, the social worker assists parents to reframe their thinking, build skills to manage the uncertainty of their lives, and re-envisage what the future might hold.

It is important for parents to spend time with a professional who can guide parents through these challenging times.  Please help keep this program running.