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Lucky 13 Lottery

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Draw 107 is now open!

Some say 13 is an unlucky number but with the Muscular Dystrophy Queensland Lucky 13 Lottery it might just become your lucky number!

By purchasing a ticket in our Lucky 13 Lottery, you are supporting Queensland families living with muscular dystrophy. You could win $13,000 and other great prizes, but most importantly, you’ll be guaranteed to help fund the services and support people with muscular dystrophy need.

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Take our most popular ticket purchase price of three tickets for $39 and you’ll get a fourth ticket free! In fact, we’ll give you a ticket for free for every three tickets you buy in a single transaction. Tickets start at just $13 each.

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Join the Lucky 13 Auto Supporters Club and be guaranteed tickets in every draw and increase the value of your prize! If your winning ticket was issued under a club member order, you’ll receive an extra $1,300 added to your major prize.

You choose how many tickets you want to buy each month and we’ll automatically deduct the amount from your nominated card or bank account. To join simply complete the ticket purchase form and select that you'd like to join the Lucky 13 Auto Supporters Club.